There is a huge variety of fencing styles available for most budgets and ideas. We can supply any style of panel or make bespoke any design of fence you might like. You can choose from a variety of posts. We are happy to discuss and advise on your needs and source the materials needed to achieve your desired results.

Our materials come from a wide range of local suppliers but we also have access to national suppliers should it be needed. We source locally if at all possible. 

Although panel fencing is usually the most cost effective, closeboard is often a smarter longer-term fencing solution, especially when erected on 'Durapost' metal or concrete posts. If you are looking for more of a statement fence, the variety of panels and trellis styles and horizontal slat styles has risen dramatically in recent times. We are always happy to discuss options. If you have seen a style of  fencing, we can match it and build it for you. 

Fencing Examples

Fencing Styles.

  • Closeboard (Feather edged) 

  • Panel (Lap, Close board or Designer)

  • Picket 

  • Horizontal Slatted

  • Hit/miss

  • Chainlink

  • Knee rail

  • Post and rail

  • Half round post and rail

  • Trellis top for a softer finish

  • Bespoke to suit your design

Posts Available.

  • 3" (75mm) timber

  • 4" (100mm) timber

  • Galvanised Metal (Durapost)

  • Concrete slotted (for panels)

  • Concrete multi-hole (for closeboard)

  • Plastic


  • All our jobs are priced individually based on an estimation of time, materials, waste charges and any extras

  • We are not VAT registered

  • All estimates are detailed and comprehensive towards your needs